rstpRSTP offers an online training course called Introduction to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program two to three times a year.


training teacherTraining in the comfort of your own home by qualified RSTP trainers, SAH members, and settlement providers will contribute to your knowledge base of Canada's refugee sponsorship programs.

Attendance of several regularly featured RSTP webinars are required by each Core Team as outlined below:

The following 2 webinars are required by the Team Lead plus one other core team member:

  • Introduction to Canada's Refugee sponsorship Programs
  • The Road from Schedule 2 to "Welcome to Canada": Preparing for Visa Office Interviews

Required training by each Core Team member:

  • Managing Expectations in the context of Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR)
  • Supporting Settlement and Integration
  • Preparing for Month 13
  • Sponsorship Ethics - 5 minute video to watch during a Core Team meeting
  • Power Imbalance - 3 minute audio to listen to during a Core Team meeting

You will find current available webinars and their registration links below. You may also explore the RSTP site itself here.

Workshops facilitated by RSTP trainers and other settlement providers occur from time to time in communities across Canada. If there are no workshops listed here, check back again another time. You can also check the RSTP site itself for a listing of current workshops available in our communities.