Refugees and Terrorism

  • Bible Studies, Books and Media Links

    bibleFor those who want to inform and position themselves to be a voice for truth in refugee crisis conversations, there are Bible studies, books and documentaries available.

    This listing will be updated as new material is discovered. If you are aware of something that may be useful to others, please let us know and we will add it to the site.

    Bible Studies

    Far From Home BSWomen of Welcome: Whether we’ve noticed it before or not, God’s redemptive story is one of migration. Sometimes it was a journey to a promised land, other times an exodus or an exile. This six-week study will help you reconnect to God’s faithfulness through the history of his people’s migration. The hope of this Women of Welcome Bible study is that each of us will look into these stories with fresh eyes and open hearts because so many of God’s people are still very far from home.

    This six-week study explores some of the most beloved stories of the Bible, taking to heart their connection to present-day migratio narratives and realities. Comes with a leadership resource for hosts that includes a week-by-week discussion guide! 

    Download here.

  • Four Minutes Experiment

    Psychologist Arthur Aron said that four minutes of eye contact brings people closer to each other better than everything else. In this video Amnesty International experiments with that idea by pairing up Europeans and refugees who have never met before.

  • Israelis Lend a Helping Hand to Syrian Refugees in Greece

    When the unlikeliest of people are helping others it's an opportunity for self-reflection by those who should be the likeliest. Regardless of your politics and prejudice, "none of that matters here on the beach."

  • Paris Attacks and Refugees - CBC November 15

    For many, the Paris terror attacks have cast a different light upon refugee sponsorship plans in Canada. In this informative and intelligent CBC News interview from November 15, 2015, experts Bessma Momani and Mubin Shaikh look at the implications the Paris attacks have for Canada.

    The entire interview is an excellent one, but if you want to jump to the part that speaks about refugee sponsorship go to the 4:06 mark.

     ss cbcnews nov15a

  • Refugee Stories

    The names, places and identifying details of these stories have been changed to protect the individuals. 

  • Refugees Offer Sympathy to Victims of Brussels Attacks

    Unfortunately many people draw a direct connection between accepting Syrian refugees and welcoming terrorists - some going so far as to state that receiving refugees is the cause of terror attacks in the receiving countries.

    This belief defies logic because refugees are fleeing the same terror that has already been done in their country. If an arsonist burns down an apartment building and it's residents begin to look for somewhere safe to live, who would deny them help because "everybody from that building is an arsonist and all they want to do is burn all our apartment buildings down too"?

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