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Use this one-page resource outlining 10 practical ways former refugees are good for Canada to inform the people in your circles.


Statistics show that refugees not only benefit from safety in Canada, but they also embrace the opportunity to build a new life. Over time, they make important contributions to the country's economy, and to their communities.

Former refugees are hardworking people and contribute to Canada's economy. They have an unemployment rate of 9%, close to that of Canadian citizens by birth (6%).

After 20 years in Canada, former refugees contribute more to Canada in income taxes - not counting all of the other taxes they pay - than they receive in public benefits and services.

Former refugees embrace Canada and are committed to their communities. They have the highest citizenship rate of all immigration categories. (89%)

Refugees often come to Canada early in their lives, which means they have many years to work and contribute to Canada's economy. Refugees are on average 9.5 years younter than people born in Canada, which means they are more likely to be of working-age.

Former refugees create jobs for both themselves and other Canadians. 14.4% of newcomers are self-employed or business owners.

Former refugees work in skilled professions. Half are employed in management and professional or college and apprenticeship training jobs.

Almost half of all former refugees in Canada live in smaller cities and towns.

Former refugee children perform as well in school as Canadian-born children, and their knowledge and skills contribute greatly to Canada's workforce.

Former refugees work hard to prosper and join Canada's middle-class. One in four earned between $40K - $80K annually, similar to statistics for Canadians.

Former refugees buy houses and put down roots in Canadian communities. Two out of three former refugees in Canada become home owners after ten years.

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