Table 1: Sponsorship Costs (2019)

The sponsoring group must show that they have sufficient financial resources at least equal to social assistance rates in the settlement community to support the sponsored refugees for the duration of the sponsorship period. The sponsorship application kit includes the following sponsorship cost table that provides estimated assistance rates which a group can use as a guide for support levels. For instance, if a group plans to sponsor one person, the sponsorship costs amount to $13,500.

In creating a budget with cost figures specific to family composition, your SAH will work with the numbers published in the new Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Rates to arrive at the precise cost of sponsorships in your community. You can view these RAP Rates are here.

Sponsorship Cost Table
Family Size
12 Months of Income Support
Start-up Costs
Estimated Total Annual Settlement Cost
1 $10,700 $2,800 $13,500
2 $18,000 $4,400 $22,400
3 $18.900 $5,300 $24,200
4 $21,200 $7,000 $28,200
5 $23,700 $7,200 $30,900
6 $25,700 $8,000 $33,700
Additional member $1,550 $1,000 $2,500

A group should always take into account that the actual cost of the sponsorship may be higher than the amounts outlined in the sponsorship cost table. In calculating the overall budget, the sponsoring group can factor in any in-kind donations they have received (e.g. furniture or housing) which can reduce the overall sponsorship costs as well see Table 2.

Table 2: Sponsorship Costs reduced by gifts in kind

Several factors may reduce the amount of financial support that the sponsoring group must provide. Examples of these factors may include in-kind donations and financial resources the sponsored refugee brings to Canada. The In-kind Deduction Table below is based on annual costs.

 In-kind Deduction Table
Family Size
Start-up Costs
(Household Needs)
School Start-up Costs
Food Staples
 1  $6,000 500 1,500 325   175
 2  $7,100 1,000 2,000 350   250
 3 $7,800 1,375 2,500 375   325
 4 $8,400 1,750 3,000 400   400
 5 $9.600 2,500 3,500 425   475
 6 $9,600 2,500 4,000 540   550
 Additional Member $900 375 500 25 $150/child
(ages 2 - 21)

Start-Up Costs

Sponsoring groups might find it useful for their own planning purposes to be aware of the estimated costs that Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses to establish the amount for the initial start-up cheque for government sponsored refugees. Start-up costs include: bedding, linens and household items. These are approximate rates only and should be used as a guideline.

Individual start-up costs with established maximums:

Clothing: a one-time basic clothing allowance is provided.

  • $375 per adult
  • $250 per dependant child

Winter Clothing: winter coat, winter boots, mittens, scarf, snow pants for children, etc.

  • $175 per adult
  • $125 per dependant child

Basic Household Needs Allowance: Suggested items include: beds, table and chairs, bed linens, basic window coverings and common household products such as kitchen utensils, pots, pans, brooms, mops, detergents and cleansers. The following maximum allowance rates apply:

  • Per single without accompanying dependants $1,550
  • Per single plus one (1) dependant $2,440
  • Per single plus two (2) dependants $2,880
  • Per couple without accompanying dependants $2,280
  • Per couple plus one (1) accompanying dependant $2,560
  • Per couple plus two (2) accompanying dependants $3,185
  • Per couple plus three (3) accompanying dependants $3,885
  • For each additional dependant $420

Food Staples: flour, sugar, rice, spices and condiments, etc.

  • $210 for the first person in each household
  • $90 for each additional dependant (no maximum)

School Start-Up Allowance: an allowance of $150 for children and young adults attending school between the ages of 4-21 to defray costs for school activity fees, gym clothing, etc. 

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