Community Specific Settlement Plan

Settlement planning is one of the more time consuming tasks of a sponsorship undertaking. IRCC needs to see that every facet of resettlement has been considered and that there is a plan in place with enough flexibility that the task will be completed even if unforeseen issues arise.

Your SAH also has a vested interest in a comprehensive settlement plan. We are in the process of preparing a generic settlement plan that will be available to all our sponsorship groups. In the meantime, this settlement plan that is Calgary-specific can be used and adjusted for your community. This is a more detailed plan than the one submitted with the application package to ROC-O to be assessed as part of the sponsoring groups's portion of an undertaking. Completing this plan will enable you to be thorough on the form (IMM5413) submitted with your application.

Take the time to do the research, to make the phone calls, to do the leg-work necessary to become informed as you prepare to walk with newcomers through their first year of resettlement in a new country. Remember this is a template, and not every item will be required by every group. Consider your specific community, and then use common sense as you think through together the best means of settlement for a new family. 

Once it is finished, send it to your SAH for a completeness check as part of the "Required by SAH" documents.