Arrival & Settlement

This brief 2-page document has been put together by RSAT to help sponsors as they prepare for any Quality Assurance Monitoring that may be required. Lists of potential financial support documentation, non-financial support documentation and possible additional documentation that sponsors need to have on hand to offer supportable proof that settlement activities have been either completed or made available to newcomers. 

Create a file called "Quality Assurance Documentation" to keep copies of as many of these proofs of settlement support as possible. 

This useful 20-page document published by the Canadian government addresses 29 frequently asked questions sponsors encounter as they help newcomers resettle in their community. Every Team Lead and Finance Person will need a copy for reference as they navigate the questions and situations that arise before and during settlement.

This evaluation administered mid-year is to encourage dialogue between sponsors and new-comers about specific settlement issues that may not be addressed in normal conversation.

The headings cover the general areas of resettlement. It is a Word document intentionally so you are able to modify the questions to address the specific concerns in your situation. The point is not to answer each of these questions. The point is to evaluate this specific settlement and provide you with a perspective and some tools that will help your team in their endeavors to facilitate independence and empowerment to the newcomer family by month 13.

This evaluation is for your information only. It does not need to be sent to the SAH office.

A straight-forward checklist covering items related to health, English, education, work, housing, finances and much more ensuring the newcomer family is well on their way to independence and being in fact resettled.

If your doctor, dentist, or other health care provider has not registered with the Interim Federal Health Program, then download this form to give them to fill out prior to any services given to newcomers. Once they have registered, their services will be covered by IFHP in the same manner that we receive provincial health care.

The Interim Federal Health Program is implemented through Medavie Bluecross and covers basic dental care as well as some emergency care for dental conditions involving pain, infection or trauma. Be sure the service provider you are working with is registered with IFHP to ensure service coverage.

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