Getting Started

An informative resource that provides a brief outline of the process for AGC churches to sponsor refugees collaboratively with individuals or an organization in their community. Common questions are addressed, such as:

  • Is this ministry for us?
  • Must we provide money?
  • Must we provide people?
  • Who is the co-sponsor?
  • Who is the refugee?
  • How does AGC pre-screening work?
  • How are we protected?
  • What kind of training is available?

Around the world at the end of 2019, there were 26 million refugees identified by UNHCR. And that number is growing. This resource is the perfect tool to help churches and individuals be better prepared for both the work and the rewards of welcoming refugees to Canada.

Filled with personal stories from those who have walked the path of sponsorship from the very first stages of inquiry to building relationships with the individuals and families who arrive in Canada, as well as stories and insights from refugees themselves, this 65-page resource is appropriate for a discussion group or any church or community considering sponsorship.

Developed by Canadian partners with the EFC and experts in the field of welcoming the stranger to Canada, Welcome the Stranger: A Canadian Church Guide to Welcoming Refugees will especially help those who want to be involved, but don’t know where to start on the journey of sponsoring refugees to Canada.

RSTP has compiled this descriptive list of pre- and post-arrival responsibilities of sponsorship. This document also describes the responsibilities of the SAH, the Constituent Group (church) and where other Parties to a Sponsorship fit in the relationship. It is a little more specific in its content to help your team make an informed decision regarding refugee sponsorship.

This is your go-to introductory document to the Private Sponsorship of Refegees (PSR) program. This document explains the process, provides definitions, and answers frequently asked questions. Here you will find the sponsorship cost table and in-kind deduction table along with an explanation describing the differences between PSR, BVOR, and JAS sponsorships.

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