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Team resources and required forms as you start the Sponsorship journey. If you haven't yet, be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.the AGC's SAH representatives to confirm we have space. BVOR and JAS cases can be sponsored anytime as these undertakings do not count toward our allocations.

This Memorandum of Understanding is a non-binding agreement between a sponsorship group, a co-sponsor and the SAH, outlining the terms and details of a particular sponsorship undertaking, including each parties' requirements and responsibilities. It expresses a convergence of will between the three parties indicating a common line of action for the sponsorship of a particular refugee and his or her immediate family. 

A required document for all sponsorship groups. Core Team members & volunteers who plan to work with the newcomer family, please read through and sign this document before returning it to your SAH to be kept on file. 

As a SAH with IRCC, the AGC is responsible for prescreening applicants for eligibility and admissibility.

This form is for potential sponsoring groups who have identified a refugee family for sponsorship and are in the process of establishing that the Principal Applicant is indeed eligible and admissible as a sponsored refugee to Canada. As a Word document, it can either be completed on-line once "enable editing" has been chosen, or it can be printed and completed on paper.

A sample motion for affirming refugee sponsorship as a ministry of the church and to approve establishing  a refugee fund.

This resource is useful for reference both when considering the motion to approve refugee sponsorship as a ministry of the church and when working through the budget and finances of sponsoring a specific family. The church board and the finance person will both benefit from having a copy.

This 8 page document covers such items as the basic commitment of a sponsorship undertaking, options for the collection of funds, financial guidelines, and IRCC's financial support rules for sponsoring groups.

This useful 20-page document published by the Canadian government addresses 29 frequently asked questions sponsors encounter as they help newcomers resettle in their community. Every Team Lead and Finance Person will need a copy for reference as they navigate the questions and situations that arise before and during settlement.

This document is intended to provide you with a sample overview of the types of roles you may want to assign to your committee members. Each sponsoring group must function with a minimum of five committee members who will oversee and be honorably committed to the preparation time and the full year of sponsorship undertaking.

This is one of the documents required by the SAH confirming the commitment to sponsor a family and the partnership of the church as a whole, along with the Core Team, to see the sponsorship process through to completion.

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