Preparing for Arrival

Also known as the Post-submission  stage of sponsorship. These resources will be helpful as you wait for notice that your sponsored family has an interview date.

Refugee applicants as well as sponsors have expectations. It is useful for group members to be aware of these and to prepare themselves together to try to prevent these expectations from becoming problematic and to develop skills to mitigate the effects of unrealistic expectations or sense of entitlement when they arise.

The following resources and handouts may be useful as you start a conversation as a group or with a group about the issue of managing expectations.

This checklist only covers the important tasks of the first few weeks. Included in this template are columns indicating who the task has been assigned to, and a column for any comments you may want to add.

This document prepared for sponsors by the SAH Association is intended to help groups prepare for the arrival of the newcomer(s). Topics covered include airport arrival, emotional considerations, the first day, and confidentiality and privacy. Particularly helpful may be the basic do's and don'ts and some helpful perspectives on female newcomers.

The visa officer's interview of the refugee is one of the most important parts in the determination of refugee sponsorship applications. Since the decision of the visa officer depends significantly on the outcome of the interview, this document will offer some recommendations on how to prepare for and what do do during the interview.

As sponsors, you have a significant role to play in helping the refugee prepare for the interview. By knowing what to expect, what his/her rights are, and arriving prepared, you can help them achieve the best possible outcome.

This settlement checklist published by the SAH association looks at what needs to be done prior to arrival, at the airport, within the first 24 hours of being in Canada, during the first several weeks and months of resettlement, and finally how to support the newcomers in their journey from dependence to independence.

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