Promotional Materials

A collection of resources to assist you in promoting the AGC Refugee Sponsorship Initiative.

An 8.5 x 11 inch flyer for posting on a bulletin board, adding to a website, or emailing that explains a little more about this opportunity to connect with people via email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. to help God's people "be a neighbour" to those who have been forcibly displaced and who have lost so much.

A letter style document explaining how this initiative got started, what a Sponsorship Agreement Holder is, along with a description of their responsibilities and the settlement assistance requirements of a Constituent Group.

An information document with bullet points for pastors or church leaders to communicate with their congregations.

You will find the at AGCRSI Promo Video 2015 on YouTube:

- with sound at youtu.be/jXCuMQ21LSg

- without sound at youtu.be/rSj9FxS5Hek

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